This painting is a gift of thanks and congratulations to President Bush.  It's on its way to the National Archive in the Bush Library in Dallas, TX.  I was not a fan of this president until I saw the massive series of paintings he recently completed.  They are paintings of wounded veterans.  When I saw President Bush discussing his project, I felt ashamed for painting all republicans with the same brush.  His project exemplifies the compassion that should bring us all together.  Outside of politics, people are people.  We hear it over and over again that our country is divided.  Liberals watch liberal TV and conservatives listen to Rush Limbaugh.  It is important to remember theres more to life.  #peacebypiece 

Effective Action

How can I help?  What are my unique abilities that I can offer?  That is what we should all ask ourselves.


I don't know what impact I can have to effect change but I know my best shot is with my work as an artist.