Favorite “non-human companion” Portraits

How it works!

Lola, our now 17-year-old three-legged Lab

Animals are some of my favorite subjects to paint and draw.  They never fail to upstage us.  Since our pets are so dependably photogenic, photos of them can be used to make some of the most interesting and endearing portraits.  Have you ever heard or noticed that dogs tend to resemble their owners?  Having a portrait of your pet, is one way to share a little about yourself or your family.  

You provide the photos.  I use The photos to make the painting.  These final Product can be a drawing, a watercolor, or an oil painting.  Prices vary by medium.  Pricing is simple. 

$100 for an   8”x10” or 11” x 14”   oil on canvas

$75 for an    11” x 14”  watercolor on paper

$50 for an    11” x 14”  drawing on paper

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